To my beloved Brothers, Sisters and to all the people of God

"Guarding the Deposit of the Faith is the Mission which the Lord entrusted to His Church, and which she fulfils in every age", said Blessed Pope John Paul II on the publication of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. It is the life and duty of every Christian to lead all the people to seek and receive Christ's love which surpasses all knowledge (Eph 3:19). Hence "We with God" website is at your sight to show the strength and beauty of the Doctrine of the Faith. Therefore this website dedicates itself with an earnest will to work which our era demands of us, pursuing the path which the Church has followed for past 20 centuries.


  • To strengthen the faith of the people of God
  • To enlighten and clarify the faithful with the Teachings of the Church
  • To help all the Christian faithful to study the teachings of the Church in greater depth and to promote knowledge and apply of it
  • To make the Bible as the prayer book of all Christians
  • To help the people of God to nourish themselves with the Word of God and Eucharist (Dei verbum, 21)
  • To prepare the faithful towards the celebration of the Liturgy especially for the Eucharist
Ministers of the Ministry:

This ministry is taken up by few believers with Fr. Lucas Raj. He guides them to come out with their spiritual experience for the good of many.